A Cornerstone to Build and Secure Financial Stability

Strategy that Builds and Preserves

CAFLO Investments believes a long-term strategy is the best way to build and preserve our financial security. We remember that ‘buy and hold’ does not mean ‘buy and ignore’. It is our principal to review our portfolio on a progressive schedule and carefully refine all details of our goals as they relate to the global market.

We apply meticulous, continuous due diligence to assess the success of the company’s strategy, business model, management team, financial performance, risk factors, developments in industry and global markets and design of a successful exit strategy.

Thorough analysis of all findings during our due diligence will, after evaluation by our investment and research committee, lead to effective design modification, if needed, to enhance our private equity.

CAFLO Investments is the guarantor to proceed with all developments and investments to achieve the highest profitability for CAFLO Asset Management, further diversifying our share in the global market.


CAFLO Aqua is our enterprise that oversees all of our aquaculture activites and is centered on sustainable fish farming.

Through Caflo Aqua’s subsidiaries, CAFLO Farming, CAFLO Salmon and CAFLO Seafood, we are prepared to meet the shifting challenges of providing arctic quality salmon and seafood to support increasing world demand for these products.

Real Estate

Global Investments in Premier Properties.

Global Investments in Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Real Estate represents a global commodity and is a significant component of our portfolio, reflecting our business philosophy and principles of diversification.

Global investment into any properties can represent risk, which we minimize due to 35+ years of experience in the global market, which equips us with complex research, evaluation strategies and highly refined resources.

Selection of real estate projects is diversified and well balanced.

Development and Expansion of Business

We create, transform and construct business from the ground up.

Industrial development, oriented to the world’s ever changing future and the demands of global market evolution, is the core of our company structure.

Business development, economic growth, sustainability and profitability encompass a holistic approach to our investment action.

Pragmatism and creativity, cornerstones of our analytical mindset, allows us to think ‘outside of the box’ in order to achieve our goals.

Decades long presence in the future-oriented investment sector has shaped our ability to use existing, new or cutting edge technologies, whichever is most efficient and applicable.

Open mindedness, expertise, experience and business philosophy has prepared us to discuss business opportunities in multiple and diverse industry sectors.
Reliable presence and availability of significant financial resources secures the comprehensive, continuous development of business to ensure its success.


Our current business developments are in support of our interest in Aquaculture.

More details to follow.