News & Announcements

CAFLO AS is in Process to Increase Share Capital

February, 2024

Caflo AS is in process to increase share captial to 100M NOK.

Caflo AS is the holding company for Caflo Companies.

CAFLO AS Moving HQ, Merging

February, 2024

Caflo AS will move its headquarters from Oslo, Norway to Zug, Switzerland in September, 2024 and merge with Caflo AG. From 01.07.24, Oslo will be a branch office of Caflo AG. 

Caflo AG will be headquartered in Zug, all other Caflo companies will be located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Caflo Asset Management

October, 2023

Caflo Asset Management is a subsidiary of, and only manages CAFLO’s assets and value.

CAFLO Aqua Breaks Out New Division

September, 2023

CAFLO Aqua is in charge of aquaculture entereprises and will break out a new division: CAFLO Aqua NA and divide its aquaculture interests into two divisions.

CAFLO Aqua NA –  CAFLO Aqua North America
CAFLO Aqua EU –  CAFLO Aqua Europe

CAFLO Aqua North America manages our growing aquaculture enterprises in the U.S. and Canada.

CAFLO Aqua Europe manages our expanding aquaculture enterprise in Europe.

These two divisions work closely to share knowledge and technology which will greatly help speed the acquisition and expansion of our aquaculture enterprises. These divisions will report directly to the management responsible in Oslo.


New Branch Office Opens in Toronto

January, 2023
Caflo Asset Management Management is proud to announce the addition of a new branch office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. More information to follow.

Our Role Model

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global is our role model. As a Norwegian company we share values and goals that we have seen work for over twenty years. Our aim is to ensure responsible and long-term management of our assets, focusing on a sustainable future, that benefits current and future generations. To see their success and  investment model, go to